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Q: How does VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) work? What makes it different from traditional phone service?

A: Traditionally, a phone conversation is converted into electronic signals that traverse an elaborate network of switches, in a dedicated circuit that lasts the duration of a call. In Voice over Internet Protocol, a conversation is converted to packets of data that travel over the Internet or private networks, just like e-mails or web pages, though voice packets get priority status. The packets get reassembled and converted to sound on the other end of the call.

Q: What kind of equipment do I need?

A: All you need is an Internet connection and your IP HD phones which MRETEL , could provide you with. You can use a regular phone, as long as you connect it to an adapter. MRETEL provides these adapters for a small fee with MRETEL home services, if you chose not to use the IP phones. MRETEL Phone’s adapters can link to an entire home’s wiring so adapters aren’t required at each extension. However, IP phones don’t require adapters. IP Phones are provided with MRETEL PBX business plans, maybe for free or discount ( call us for details).

Q: What are the advantages of VoIP?

A: It makes long-distance calls less expensive by removing some of the access charges required for use of the public telephone network. A user’s physical location also becomes irrelevant; MRETEL communications lets people choose their area code and possess multiple area codes in different cities that all ring to the same phone. VoIP also enables MRETEL Phone’s advanced features — like checking voice mail or programming call-forwarding through a web application.

1) When you order our service, you can select a new phone number from over 7,000 available areas or transfer your existing number. ( JUST FAX US YOUR REQUEST FOR PORTING YOUR NUMBER )

2) We’ll ship you a MRETEL IP phone or Phone Adapter. When you receive it, simply plug it into your broadband internet connection and plug your normal telephones into it.

3) All done! Use your phone just like you normally would. When you place calls, the IP phone or the adapter sends the calls out through your internet connection to our network instead of the regular phone network.

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