The State of the Art in Business Communications

Simply put, MRETEL PBX gives you a full featured business phone system like the old PBX days, but this time you don’t have to fork out the money for all the expensive equipment and service fees. Your employees will be able to make all calls by utilizing your existing high speed data network, allowing you to move into the digital age and forever say goodbye to the antiquated traditional phone service provider.

MRETEL PBX gives a cost-effective Voice Over IP PBX solution that is both secure and reliable. Using a hosted IP solution like MRETEL PBX allows you to cut costs while increasing functionality. MRETEL PBX is designed for small to medium sized business typically from 5 to 200 employees.

There are several plans available which allow you to move into the future of telephony now and cut your phone bill at the same time. You’ll also be able to access all of your system management tools, current usage statements, billing, and even your voice mails via the web, so even if you’re not near your phone, you can check your messages.

Unlimited free inter-office calling – Your offices, no matter where on the planet they are located, can all have unlimited intra-company calling. Steve in Chicago can just dial Frank’s extension in the London office as easy as dialing the office next door.

Voice/Data ConvergenceMRETEL PBX allows your business to leverage the power of your data network to provide reliable and powerful voice services. Your local, long distance, and Internet access can all be provided by the same connection.

MRETEL PBX offers you a flexible and scale-able solution that is designed to meet your business needs today, and then easily grow with your business over time.

This includes unlimited local/long distance calling ( USA/ Canada) and access to all the advanced features of MRETEL. Each phone is assigned a direct number and can be set up for extension dialing. This is the best option for heavy long distance users and for companies looking to pay a flat rate for phone service.

Virtual Extensions:

Each phone associated with a MRETEL plan can be configured to forward to one other number such as a cell phone for times when the phone user is away. For some companies, this may not be enough. Some companies, especially ones with mobile employees, may want individual Auto Attendant options to forward to another non-MRETEL phone. For this purpose we have created Virtual Extensions. Each additional forward required, requires an additional virtual extension. For instance, Press 1 for Sales would forward to Michael’s cell phone, Press 2 for manager would forward to Mark’s cell phone. This would require two virtual extensions.


If you order 10 or more extensions and up you receive one 800 number free of charge.

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