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Do I have enough bandwidth for Mretel PBX?

Below is the average bandwidth available based on the most popular delivery methods. Remember bandwidth used for data transmissions will have an effect on the number of concurrent calls supported. However, these numbers can be used for estimating if a customer possesses enough bandwidth to support MRETEL PBX. A bandwidth testing tool should be used to gauge the true amount of bandwidth each organization has, but for rough estimates, these numbers will work. MRETEL PBX requires approximately 100Kb/s of free upload bandwidth per concurrent call.

Download (kb/s) Upload (kb/s) Concurrent Calls
Cable 1700 350 14
DSL 1150 500 20
T1 1500 1500 63

For getting an accurate view of your company’s available bandwidth, please run the test at the following website to see your actual internet connection speed. Speed Test

Upload speed is what is important with MRETEL PBX . If you do not have enough upload bandwidth to support the number of concurrent calls you would like, you will need to upgrade your connection or add another one.

Is my network ready for MRETEL PBX?

If you will need more than 2 phones in a location, there may be the need for a Quality of Service (QoS) Router onsite. If your current switch/router supports QoS, make sure that this feature is enabled. In some cases a firmware upgrade may be necessary to enable QoS support. Check your switch/router manufacturer’s website to see if this is available. QoS prioritizes voice packets over data packets so in times of high network traffic, the voice quality is not affected. If you do not possess a QoS capable switch/router, then you may need to purchase one.

For organizations with 15 or more users, MRETEL might be able to provide you with one free of charge.

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